Kenzie Jas Chabino was born in Guymon, Oklahoma in 1998.  Kenzie has always been a driven, passionate dreamer since the time she was born.  In 2010, Kenzie wanted to make a difference and touch every heart of a child in the world.  She shared with her mom that she wanted to give every kid in the world the opportunity to give a gift that only time and love would buy:  a handmade card.  The concept began in Tulsa, Oklahoma and now is shared internationally!  Other countries are giving the handmade cards that children make in their communities to Elders for the Gift of Appreciation.  What started with one kid, one card, one dream has now became a trend across America!  Kenzie’s Cause is now responsible for over 125,000 handmade cards and now she and her team are on a mission to ONE MILLION handmade cards across the world, we would love your help. In Kenzie’s spare time she loves to ride horses and spend time with her friends.  She jumps competitively with McKenzie Stables in Kiefer, Oklahoma.   Please go to for more information!  Thank YOU for believing in our kids and their BIG DREAMS!!