We want to welcome and say thank you for joining us on our journey to one million handmade cards. My name is Kenzie Chabino. We are very excited about what is happening across our great state of Oklahoma with this project. Our mission is simple: To love, to live, to change the world, one gift at a time! We are starting with the Gift of Giving and we need your help! We already have had hundreds of kids that have joined our cause and I am so thankful!!  Over 400,000 cards have been made and we can reach ONE MILLION with your help!

To give you a glance into how this journey was born, here is a little peek into our history. Kenzie’s Cause was born out of a journey that my mom gave me as a gift. When I was almost nine years old, I received a gift giving experience. It included the Gift of Giving, Gift of Learning, Gift of Family, Gift of Friends, Gift of Working, Gift of Dreaming and The Ultimate Gift.   I learned about each gift by way of gift givers that were part of my world each day.

While making the cards, I realized the importance of giving kids of all ages the opportunity to give back and brighten someone’s day. Thru this outreach we are seeing lives changed, families united, hope rising and the world changing one gift at a time.